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About Us

Silverdust is the end result of my passion for Birman Cats. In a region of Italy where there is still significant resistance to pedigree cats, I am interested in changing people's minds and hearts, one beautiful Birman at a time.

We are the first Birman Cattery recognized by Anfi/Fife' in the Campania Region.

Our family lives on the outskirts of the city of Naples. We have a deep love for our cats. They are part of our family and they always touch the lives of our kids and our friends.

All our cats have extraordinary personalities besides being extremely beautiful. This allows us to raise kittens with very high breed standards in terms of beauty and personality. We spend a huge amount of time with every kitten to ensure that they will be great life companions for the families who decide to adopt them. They are raised in our "home-gyms", with all our joy, to give and receive tons of love.

To all those who decides to call me for a kitten, I will ask a lot of questions because it is in the best interest of all to match the right people to the right cat.